Chennai Divya Desam Temples

There are Seven Divya Desam Temple of Lord Vishnu in and around Chennai the Divya Desam Temple are Sri Parthasarthy Temple Chennai , Sri Neervannaperumal Temple in Tambaram Suburb of Chennai , Sri Nithya Kalyana Perumal in Thiruvedanthai near Mahabalipuram ,Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple in Mahabalipuram , Sri Bhatavatsala Perumal Temple in Thiru Nindravoor about 23 kms from Chennai, Sri Veeraraghava Perumal Temple in Tiruvallur in Poonamallee road about 45 kms from Chennai , Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple in Sholingur about 100 kms from Chennai

Thiruvallikkeni Sri Parthasarathy Temple The Parthasarathy Temple is an 8th century Hindu Vaishnavite temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, located at Triplicane, Chennai. Parthasarathy Temple is one among the 108 divyadesams or holy abodes of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is worshipped in the name 'Parthasarathy' in this temple, which means in Sanskrit, 'charioteer of Arjuna'.Temple was originally built by the Pallavas in the 8th century by king Narasimhavarman I. One of the distinguishing features of is that it has four of the incarnations or avatars of Vishnu: Narasimha, Rama, Varaha and Krishna.

There are shrines for Sri Vedhavalli Thayaar, Sri Ranganatha, Sri Rama, Sri Gajendra Varadharaja Swamy, Narasimha, Sri Andal, Sri Anjaneya, Alwars, Ramanuja, Swami Manavala Mamunigal and Vedanthachariar. There are separate entrances for Lord Parthasarathy and Lord Narasimha.

According to Hindu Puranas, Lord Krishna was the charioteer for Arjuna during the Mahabharata war when he gave the Hindu holy book of Bhagavad Gita. Hence, the God, Sri Parthasarathy's face is full of scars created by the arrows of the Great Bhishma in the Kurukshetra war. Other interesting thing is that, God Krishna is seen with a moustache and without his weapon Chakra. The reason attributed is that he promised not to take weapons in the Mahabharatha war and hence he has only his conch. As He was the charioteer He sported the moustache keeping with the tradition. The Utsavar also has only a stick and not his mace as found with others. This is because the Lord was born in a cowherd clan.

Among the 12 alwars three of them namely Peyalwar, Thirumazhisai alwar and Thirumangaialwar have sung on the different forms of God in this temple.
The temple and the area Tiruallikkeni derives the name from the Holy tank. It is said Goddess Mahalakshmi herself was born here as Vedavalli to Sage Bhrigu. Lily flowers bloomed in this tank. This tank consistes of five sacred wells, and so it is said that its waters are holier than the Ganges.
Eastern side Rajagopuram and other structures are said to have buidt by Thondaman Chakravarthi, who ruled this parts from Kalahasthi.

Thiruneermalai - Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple Divya Desam
Sri Neervannaperumal Temple, Thiruneermalai is one among the 108 Divyadesams temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his various Avatars, found in Chennai near Tambaram (Thondai Nadu).There are actually two temples for Perumal that form this Divyadesam – Neervanna Perumal temple at the bottom of the hill and Sri Ranganathar temple at the top of the hill. In this Sthalam, the Perumal shows his 4 sevas in this temple (i.e.) – Neer Vanna Perumal standing (Nindra), Narasimha sitting (Iruntha), Ranganatha reclining (Kidantha)and Ulagalanda Perumal in walking postures (Nadantha).

Thiruneermalai Kshetram is also called as “Thoyagiri Kshetram” and also as “Thothadri”. Thoya means “Water” and Adhiri means “Mountain” (malai). Since the mountain is surrounded by water, this sthalam is named as “Thiru Neermalai”. The temple has a beautiful Teppakulam-tank covering three acres with a Mandap at the centre.  This is praised as Suddha Pushkarini, Ksheera Pushkarini, Karunya Pushkarini and Swarna Pushkarini.

The legend is that when Valmiki prayed to have a Darshan of Lord Rama in the same form that he took during his marriage to Sita. As per the sage’s request, Perumal appeared in the form of Lord Rama along with Sita, Lakshman, Bharath and Shatrugan in this place. Since Lord Rama’s skin was blue and similar to the color of the surrounding water, he is called as Neervannar (In Tamil, neer means water and vannam means color).

It is said that once Thirumangai Alwar came here to get the Dharshan of the Perumal. At that time, the mountain was fully surrounded by water and he waited for six months to worship the Perumal. After all the water drained, he went up the mountain and worshipped the Perumal. The place where Thirumangai Alwar stayed is called as “Thiru Mangai Alwarpuram .

Thiruvedanthai - Sri Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple Divya Desam Sri Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple in Thiruvidanthai is among tthe 108 divyadesams of Sri Vishnu. dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Varaha Avatar). The specialty of this temple is, throughout the year (365 days), Marriage function to God & Goddess is conducted. It is believed that those who are praying here for their Marriage will be done without fail.

During Thretha Yuga, Bali the son of king Meganathan was ruling the kingdom in a righteous way. Demons Mali, Malyavan and Sumali and others sought the help of Bali to fight the Devas. Bali declined to help them. The demons fought alone and were defeated by the Devas. They came again to Bali for help and h obliged this time. Bali won the war but was afflicted with Brahmahatidosha. He came to this place for relief and performed penance to Lord Perumal. Pleased with his penance, Vishnu appeared before Bali and granted darshan in Varaha (wild boar) rupam .

Sage Kuni and his daughter performed penance to Lord Narayana to reach swarga (heaven). Kuni alone reached swarga but not the daughter. Maharishi Narada told the young girl that she could not reach heaven, as she was not married.  He requested other sages to marry her. One Kalava Maharshi married her and begot 360 female children. He performed penance to Lord Narayana begging him to marry his daughters. Narayana did not come.

A brahmhachari (bachelor) came one day  saying that he was on a Divyadesayatra. As he was as handsome as Narayana, the sage requested him to marry his daughters. He agreed and married one each day. On the last day, He showed them who he was. He was none other than Narayana/Vishnu in the form of Varaha. He fused all the daughters into one and seated them on his left lap. As Narayana had them together in one form on his left lap (left in Tamil is Idam) the place came to be known as Thiruidamthai which later changed as Thiruvidandhai.

Thiru Kadalmalai (Mahabalipuram) - Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple Divya Desam. Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple is among the 108 divya desams of SriVaishnavas and is a part of the tondai naadu divyadesams. The Perumal found in this sthalam is Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal. He is found in Kidantha kolam in bhujanga sayanam (sleeping) and facing his thirumugham towards East direction along the sea. The utsavar perumal is known as ulaguyya ninraan. Pundareeka rishi can be seen sitting at the lord’s feet in the temple. This is the Avathara Sthalam of Bhoodathalwar.

This Sthalam is full of Artistic work temple it is also called as “Artha Sethu”. This sthalam, Thirukadalmallai is also called as “Mahabalipuram” and “Mamallapuram”. It is situated in Tamil Nadu 40 Kms away from Chennai and 7 miles from Thiruvidanthai. On the right hand side on his heart, Gnana Upadesh known as “Gnana Tamiz Purintha Naan” is found. The Moolavar is Thiru Vala Vendhai  Varaaga Moorthy on west part of Kalangarai Vilakkam (light house) near the Cave Temple.

Legend of Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple: Once the Sage Pundareeka was performing penance at Mahabalipuram.  He saw lotus flowers in a tank nearby and wanted them to be placed at the feet of Lord Narayana in the Milk Ocean-Tiruparkadal.  Picking up the flowers, he proceeded to Tiruparkadal but the sea obstructed his march.  To make way, he began to dry the sea by removing the water day and night.  This went on for years.  Tired, he cried “Oh Lord Parandhama, if I am your true devotee, let the sea dry and make way for me and till such time I reach you these flowers should not fade off.”  His mind was completely set on Lord.  Perumal appeared before him as an aged man.

The old man asked the sage to get him food as he was hungry.  He also advised him to stop his impossible task and do something worthwhile.  The sage asked the old man to hold his flower basket and wait till he brought food for him saying that he was determined to see Perumal in Tiruparkadal, place the flowers at his feet and would not rest till then.

The sage went to bring food for the old man.  Before he returned, Perumal wore all the flowers on his Thirumeni – body – and was in his reclining posture.  It was a pleasant shock for the sage to see his Lord and begged his pardon for making him carry the flower basket and also begged to allow him at his feet .

Thiru Nindravoor - Sri Bhatavatsala Perumal Temple Bakthavatsala Perumal temple is revered as one of the 108 Divya Desam Temple of Lord Vishnu , dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Varaha Avatar) , located at Thirunindravur, in Tamil Nadu. It is the 55th divyadesam of Vaishnava temples in India. Here Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Bhaktavatsala Perumal and his consort Lakshmi as Ennai Petra Thayar also called as Sri Sudhaa Valli.

Legend of Sri Bhatavatsala Perumal Temple - Legend is that Samudraraja (Lord Varuna), who is the father of Goddess Lakshmi worshipped Lord Vishnu here. Thiruninravur is considered as the place of Goddess as she settled here first and then Lord came here to Her place. The rarity of this temple is that the Lord Sri Bhakthavatsala Perumal is staying permanently at his in-law’s place . As Goddess settled here first, the place itself had got its name after her. In Thamizh, ‘Thiru’ means Sri Lakshmi, ‘Ninra’ means stood, ‘Vur’ means place.

It is also that Thirumangai Alvar did not sing any paasuram (songs) here and follwed by Vishnu followed Thirukadalmallai and sang song praising the deity Bhaktavatsala Perumal from there. Lakshmi requested Perumal to appear before the azhwar, but when he did Azhwar had already reached Tirukannapuram. Perumal again appeared in the dreams of the Azhwar who felt that he is viewing Bhatavatsala in Tirukannapuram.

Tiruvallur - Sri Veeraraghava Perumal Temple Divya Desam  ( Chennai ). Sri Veeraraghava Perumal is revered as one of the 108 Divya Desam Temple of Lord Vishnu . Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Perumal Temple is one among the 108 divya desams dedicated to Lord Vishnu and a part of tondai naadu divyadesams , located in Panagal Street, Thiruvallur, Chennai suburb. The Temple is dedicated to Sri Vishnu as Veeraraghava Swamy Perumal and Divine Mother Shakti as Kanaka Valli Thayar. The presiding deity Veera raghava perumal is in a reclining position in the temple. The lord’s right hand is positioned on Salihothra Munivar’s head while the left hand is in the Gyana Mudra position indicating the teaching of the four Vedas to the Lord Brahma.

Legend of Sri Veeraraghava Perumal Temple A Rishi (Munivar) named Saalihothirar lived in Thiruvathari Ashram (Badrinath). There is a story to be expained how he got this name.Saali” means measurement instrument which is used to measure the weight (or) quantity of Rice. Saalihothirar’s parents did a homam which has to be done for 1 year using 28 Thousand Saali Rice.

As the result of that homam only, he got his birth and got the name as “Saalihothirar”. To get the Paramapadham, he came to this Veeksharanya Shetram to worship the God here. He came to the Kshetram on Thai Amaavasai. On the same day he came, he took bath in Hiruthaapanasana Theertham and on the north shore of this theertha, he started the silence fasting (mouna viratham) for one year.

Daily he collected some rice and after a year of fasting, he purified it, he collected about 3 padis (a small quantity) of rice. Then he cooked that and some part of the rice is did Naivedhyam to God and after it is done, he kept the rest of the rice for himself to eat. He waited for some Adhithi (muni or rishi) to come, so that he can offer them something to eat and after that, he can finish the fasting. Sri Veeraraghava Perumal at that time Sriman Narayanan came there as an old muni, keeping Kamandalam in this right hand and an umbrella in his left hand and chappel on his feet.

He seems to be so hungry and thirsty and as if he has travelled a long way. On seeing him, Saalihothirar greeted him and made him to sit, facing East direction. He was offered only a quater part of the rice. But, the old muni (the Perumal) wanted all of the rice to eat. Saalihothirar gave all of the food to the old muni.

After eating the entire food, he asked where can he sleep? ( Evvullil Urangalam ) (Vul – means a place) For this, Saalihothirar asked him that he can sleep in his hut itself and he will do the Paadha seva to him. The old muni slept keeping his head along the south direction and it this Kidantha kolam the Emperumaan is giving his seva in this sthalam. Since he asked Salihothirar muni that in which place (Vul) he can take rest, this sthalam is called “Evvulor” or “Thiru Evvuloor”.

Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple  Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple in Sholingur is a famous pilgrimage spot in Vellore District in the State of Tamil Nadu in India and one of the 108 Divyadesham dedicated to Lord Vishnu temples, with Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy, the 4th Avatharam of Lord Vishnu (Sriman Narayana) as the presiding deity and Sri Amirthavalli Thayar as his consort on top of a 450 foot hill called periya malai (big hill). This Divyadesham is also known as Gatikachalam and Thirukkadigai.. Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple Temple is one of the 108 Divya Desam Temple of Lord Vishnu .

The Big Hill Temple has a north facing 5-tiered Rajagopuram (main tower) and 7 kalasams (decorative pots) at the top. A big bali peetam (platform) and Dwajasthambam (flag post) is to the north. The Town Temple where the Utsavar (processional deity) can be seen has no separate flagpost. A four-pillared mandapam is in the outer prakaram (corridor) of the Perumal shrine. East facing goddess, Amrithavalli Thayar is first worshipped before moving on to the sanctum.

A mandapam leads to Lord Narasimha Perumal's (Vishnu) shrine and two Dwarapalakas (guards) are at the entrance. Yoga Narasimhar can be seen seated in the sanctum in a yoga posture wearing Chalakkrama with the Sun and Moon at his feet. The other names of the Perumal are "Thakaan" and "Akkarakani". Akkaram means Money and Wealth. A frieze depicting the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu is beautifully depicted. The icons of Lakshmi Narasimhar, Aadiseshan, Chakrathalvar, Kannan (Krishna) and Garudalvar are placed on a wooden Platform. 
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