Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple Nava Tirupathi Divya Desam

Nava Tirupathi is a set of 9 temples of Lord Vishnu located between Tirunelveli and Tiruchendur in the southern Indian state of Tamilnadu. Nava Tirupathi is part of the 108 Divya Desam temples revered by the Alvars, the 12 tamil poet saints who lived 2500 years ago. Located around the banks of the River Thamirabarani, the 9 temples of Nava Tirupathi are Thiruvaikundam, Thiruvaragunamangai, Thirupulinkudi, North & South temples of Thirutholaivillimangalam, Thirukkulanthai, Thiruperai, Thirukolur and Thirugurukoor.

The Garuda Sevai utsavam(festival) in the month of Vaikasi(May-Jun) witnesses 9 Garudasevai, a spectacular event in which festival image idols from the nava tirupathis shrines in the area are brought on Garuda vahana. An idol of Nammalvar is also brought here on an Anna Vahanam(palaquin) and his paasurams(verses) dedicated to each of these 9 temples are recited. The utsavar of Nammalvaris taken in a palanquin to each of the 9 temples, through the paddy fields in the area. The paasurams(poems) dedicated to each of the 9 Divyadesams are chanted in the respective shrines. This is the most important of the festivals in this area, and it draws thousands of visitors.

Sri Vaikundam Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple ( Sun )  Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the form of Vaikuntapathi Swami, is located on Tiruchendur road in Srivaikuntam about 37 km from Thirunelveli. The idol of the main deity (Moolavar), also known by the names Kalla Piraan and Paal Pandiyan is kept alone in Nindra Thirukkolam facing east.

This idol with the Gadha (a weapon) in one of hand along with the Sangu and Chakkaram in the other hand is in standing position and the Serpent God, Adisesh unfurls his hood over Vishnu Lord Vaikutanathar temple is constructed on five acres of land with giant walls measuring 580 feet by 396 feet. A nine-tier, 110 feet high Rajagopuram adorns the temple. The sanctum is surrounded by three corridors. In the sanctum, Lord Vaikuntanathar is in standing posture under the canopy of Adi Sesha. His consorts Vaikunta Nayaki and Choranatha Nayaki have separate shrines facing each other on the outer prakaram. Passing through the shrine of Choranatha Nayaki, one reaches the Paramapada Vaasal (Heaven's Gate). This is opened only once in a year for special darshan on VaikuntaEkadashi day in the month of Maargazhi (December-January). The processional deity Kallarpiran with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi is worshipped at the Artha Mantapam.

Within the temple precincts, there are many sub-shrines dedicated to Lord Yoga Narasimha, Krishna, Hanuman, Manavala Maamuni and Vishnu in Dashavataram postures. The Thiruvekadamudayan Mandapam is an excellent piece of architecture. Lord Rama standing with Sugreeva putting His hand on Sugreeva's shoulder, Aghora Veerabhadrar and Hanuman in different postures are some of the sculptures par excellence

Srivaikuntam Sri Vaikuntanathan Perumal Temple - Surya (Sun)
ThiruVaragunaMangai Vijayaasana Perumal Temple - Chandra (Moon)
Thirupuliyangudi Bhoomipalagar Perumal Temple - Budha (Mercury)
Rettai Tirupathi North Temple (Sri Aravindalochanar Temple, Tholaivilimangalam) Rahu
Rettai Tirupathi - South Temple (Sri Devapiran Temple, Tholaivilimangalam) - Ketu
Perungulam Swamy Mayakoothar Temple, Thirukkulanthai - Shani (Saturn)
ThenThirupperai Thiru Makara Nedunkulai Kaather Perumal Temple - Shukra (Venus)
Thirukolur Sri Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple - Mangala (Mars)

Alwarthirunagari Perumal Temple, Thirukkurugoor - Guru (Jupiter)The Nava Tirupathi is considered as ‘Navagraha' (the nine planets) Temples. Devotees worship in these temples to relieve from the adverse effects of the planets in their life. The Nava Tirupathi temples are headed by ‘Lord Perumal' (‘Lord Vishnu') hence there are no separate Navagraha shrine present in these temples. The Nava Tirupathi temples are classified as "Divya Desams", the 108 temples of Lord Vishnu which are admired by the 12 Azhwars.