Temples around Tirunelveli

Sri Vaikuntam :37 km from Tirunelveli Srivaikuntam is famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu known as Sri Vaikuntapathi Swami with a lofty gopuram. The Thiruvengada Mudaliyar Mandapam is rich with sculptures of Yallis, Elephants and Warriors. The Ekadasi Mandapam which is opened on Vaikunta Ekadasi days contains exquisite sculptures. The Kailasanathaswamy temple is another important temple. It contains six inscriptions of the times of Veera Pandiya Kattabomman.

Nellayappar Gandhimathi Temple : This temple is situated in the heart of the city. This is a twin temple dedicated to Parvathi (Kanthimathi) and Siva (Nellaiyappar) Rare Jewels, the Golden Lily Tank, Musical Pillars, the hall of thousand pillars are worth seeing.

Sankaran Kovil :56 km from Tirunelveli. Sankaran Kovil is a unique temple dedicated to Sankaranarayana who is the combined manifestation of Siva and Vishnu. There are two other shrines dedicated to Siva and Parvathi. Twice a year, the sun's rays fall on the pedestal.

Salaikumaran Temple :The Lord Muruga Temple in the heart of Tirunelveli Junction is a popular temple. This temple received Silver Trophy in 1965 for best maintained temple. Most of the marriages of Hindus are held here.

Tenkasi-Kasi Vishwanathar Temple :53 Km from Tirunelveli and 5 km from Tenkasi. The name itself implies that this town is ‘Kasi (Varanasi) of the South'. The temple is, 554 feet in length and 318 feet width. 172 feet temple tower was built in 1456 by King Parakirama Pandian. Then the temple tower was damaged in 1924 due to thunder and it was rebuilt by Sivanthi Adithan with height of 163 feet.

Thiruvidaimarudur :40 km from Tirunelveli. Athalanathar temple and Narumpoonathar temple on the banks of river Tamiraparani river attracts tourists mainly because of scenic beauty. The stone sculptures are legend of the temples is interesting. The four styles of temple architecture viz. Pandiya, Chera. Chola and Vijayanagara beautify the glorious temple.

Krishnapuram (13 km) - Lord Thivengadanathar (Vishnu). The temple, on the road

to Tiruchendur, is known for excellent life-size sculptures

Tiruchendur (48 km) - Shore temple of Sri Subramanya (Karthikeya)

Nanguneri (25 km) - Vaanamaamalai Perumal (Vishnu)

Courtallam (58 km) - Kutralanathar temple (Vishnu) and waterfalls

Tenkasi (52 km) - Vishwanatha temple (Shiva)

Papanasam (60 km) - Papavinasar temple (Shiva)

Shankarancoil (56 km) - Shankaranarayana and Gomathi Amman temple


Srivaikuntam (26 km from Tirunelveli) - Vaikuntanathar - Surya Sthala

Alwar Thirunagari (5 km from Srivaikuntam) - Aadhinaatha Perumal - Guru Sthala

Thirukolur (3 km from Alwar Thirunagari) - Vaithamanidhi Perumal - Angaraha Sthala

Thenthiruperai (5 km from Thirukolur) - Makara Nedunkuzhaikaathar - Shukra Sthala

Thirukulandai (Perungulam) (10 km from Thenthiruperai) - Choranatha Perumal - Shani Sthala

Thirupulingudi (5 km from Peru Perungulam) - Bhoomipalaka Perumal - Bhudha Sthala

Varagunamangai (Naththam) (4 km from Thirupulingudi) - Vijayasana Perumal - Chandra Sthala

Tholaivili Mangalam (Rettai or Twin Tirupatis) (3 km from Naththam) - Devarpiran & Aravinda Lochanar - Rahu-Kethu Sthalas