Vadapalani Andavar Temple

Vadapalani Temple - ARULMIGU VADAPALANI ANDAVAR THIRUKKOIL is situated in the midst of Chennai city. The famous shrine was built in the tail end of 17th century. Just like conjurers materializing fantastic objects with dexterity of their hands this much hallowed MURUGA temple emerged from a thatched shed. One ANNASAMY Naicker, unostentatious muruga devotee with his limited means built a thatched hut and kept a MURUGA photo (Palani Andavar) for his personal worship primarily as per his dream and love for LORD MURUGA.

During his meditation and worship he was experiencing some divine power inspiring him to utter some mysterious things there by whatever his utterances has become true. His trance went by Arulvakku which relieved the people fulfilling their anguishes like curing diseases, getting jobs and solemnizing marriages. In spite of his illness, at the instance of a sadhu and Lotd muruga he visited tiruthani and prayed to lord MURUGA and went to the extent of offering his tongue on the Balipeeta.

He also visited south Palani by foot and he had miraculous experiences there, returned to his place and was worshipping lord Muruga. When he felt his end was nearing he requested his close friend Rathinasamy Thambiran to continue the service and the public inspired by his service started giving offerings and donations which was used for building a small shrine. After him by 1931, came one Pakiyalinga Thambiran who also followed predecessors by giving Arulvakku.

By that time the name and fame of this small shrine had reached its heights there by attracting large crowds, Humanists, Philanthropists and devotees turning their eyes towards this shrine. The spiritual abode took its metamorphosis from being a small shrine into proper temple, with all its magnificence.The Sadhus who were the cause of emerging of this great MURUGA kshethram are being devoted even now, 3 sidharpeedams have been erected at Nerkundram Road where poojas are done on Every Pournami day.

In the Year 1972, the south Rajakopuram erected at a height of 72 feet, and Kumbabishekam took place for first time, after that in the year 1984, second Kumbabishakam took place and a thangaratham (Golden Car) was drawn for fullfilly devotees wishes.

Like many other temples of Chennai, festivities start at this temple from the month of Chithirai, and subsequently, significant celebrations take place during Navrathiri, Brahmothsavam, Theppam Festival, etc. Apart from this, daily poojas also attract a big crowd, especially the Artha Sama Pooja on Tuesdays and Fridays night. Timings: 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.