Amirtha Pushkarani Tank

In the north side of this temple there is one tank named Amirtha Pushkarani. One Brahmin named Surya Bandu taking the asthikalasa of his father along with his disciple came to Kumbakonam on his way to mix the ashes of his father in the holy Ganges. He placed the kalasa on the banks of the Holy Chakrapadithurai and did his Sandyavadana in the Holy Cauvery. The disciple was hungry and he opened the kalasa to know if it contained some eatables. Then to his wonder he saw the red lotus flowers and so closed it.

They reached Kasi. There the Brahmin opened the kalasa and saw the bones & ashes. At that time his disciple told him when had happened in Kumbakonam. So he returned to Kumbakonam. He opened the pot and mixed the ashes in the water of the holy Chakra Theertha. It is told that his father had informed him to mix the ashes in such a tank where they turned to be lotus flowers.

A dip in this holy tank is a blessing on the day of the Thula month of Tamil year. The Sthala Purana has spoken very high of this Thula masa dip and giving ‘Dana' to the deserving