History of Chakrapani Temple

The Sacred Sri Chakra was aimed at Jalandarasura by this swami and after killing him it emanated from the earth and settled on the banks of the Sacred Cauvery. Lord Brahma established this in this new place and began to workship it. As its brightness was thousand times better then the Sun.

So he became jealous of the vishnu Chakra and increased his brightness more than that of the Sri Chakra to suppress his pride, the chakra drew its brightness to its self and taught him a lesson. Then the sun realized his folly and surrendered to its holy feet. On this holy placeSri Chakrapani Swamy came out of shri Chakra and gave Dharsan to the sun. Having been blessed by Sri Chakrapani Swami, the sun built a temple for this Lord and requested Him to give him a boon that this holy city of Kumbakonam should be named after him as the "BASKARA KSHETHRA". It was granted. The Baskara Kshetra became a renowned Pranthana Stala offering benefits to so many who worship Sri Chakrapani Swami.

The Sun God is supposed to be the head of all the planets (Nava Grahas). He surrendered completely to the main deity of this temple. So if any one worships Sri Chakrapani Swami, all the Doshas due to nine planets (Nava Grahas) will vanish.
Those who are affected by seven and a half year Saturn, Ashtama sani, Ragu dosha, Ragu buddhi, Kethu dosha etc., will be relieved of the dosha on coming to this kshetra and praying to this Lord.

Those who do pradhakshna of this temple will get all they desire. The unmarried will get married soon and beget good children.

The flowers and leaves Viz. Thulasi, Kumkum, Vilvam, Vanni, Chemparuthi, Arali are offered to this Lord as the holy gods Surya, Agni, Brahma and the sages Markandeya and Ahirbudhanya Maharishi did archana with the above said flowers and leaves. Prarthanas of the devotees are fulfilled by doing Sudarsana Homam at this sacred shrine.