Serndhapoomangalam Nava Kailasam

The Nava Kailasam Temples are Navagraha Temples where Lord Shiva itself is considered the particular Graham or planet. All the Temples are situated on the banks of the river Thamirabarani. As per mythology, Sage Agasthya came down South to balance the world when everyone assembled in Kailasam. Lord Pasupathi advised Agasthya to move to South to balance the earth. The rishi obeyed the commands of the Lord. Sage agasthiyar was doing penance in the podhikai hills. One of his prime disciples was urOmacha munivar. He prayed Lord pashupathi to get liberation.

The Lord wanted to bless this to him through his guru agasthiyar. agasthiyar put nine flowers in the river and asked uromacha munivar to install a shiva lingam as kailasha nathar, wherever the flowers dock on the bank and finally bathe and worship the Lord in the place where the river joins the ocean, by doing so he would get what he wished. Adhering to his guru's words, munivar worshipped the Stain-thraoted Lord in the nine places where the nine flowers stopped in the form of shiva lingam and finally bathed in the place where thamiraparani joined the ocean and got liberated. These nine abodes are called Nava Kayilayam

Kailasa Nathar Temple, Serndhapoomangalam
 The Ninth Nava Kailasam temple is in Senthapoomangalam or Poomangalam. This is around 20 Kms from Thoothukudi on the way to Tiruchendur near Athoor. This temple is associated with Venus ( Sukra ). Thoothukudi on the way to Tiruchendur near Athoor. This temple is associated with Kubera. He is believed to have worshipped here along with his two Devis- Sanganidhi and Padumanidhi. The image of Kubera on his elephant with the two Devis is sculpted on the Vimanam of this temple. Those who are having bad positioning of Sukra in their horoscopes, offer prayers in this temple. Morning Pooja Time - : 7.00 A.M - 9.30 A.M // Evening Pooja Time : 5.30 P.M - 7.30 P.M

Legend During the Shiva-Parvathi wedding in Mount Kailash, due to the huge gathering of sages to attend the divine event, north went down in level and south rose up equally. To balance the earth level, Sage Agasthya came to south. His first disciple, Sage Romasa had a desire to install Shivalingas in this place. As suggested by his Guru Agasthya, he let nine lotus flowers flow in Tambirabarani and installed Shivalingas at each place when a flower touched the bank. The last and the ninth flower reached this place - Serndhapoomangalam.

Specialty  The idol of Kubera on an elephant is sculpted on the Vimana above the sanctum sanctorum with his two consorts - Sanganidhi and Padmanidhi. This is the only temple with Kubera the Lord of Wealth in this posture. Lord Kailasa Nathar graces from the sanctum sanctorum with Shukra-Venus characteristics. Mother Azhagia Ponnammai is facing south. Devotees believe that worshipping Kubera would bring them prosperity.

Those not having an advantageous aspect of Shukra in their horoscopes, pray to Shukra in the manner mentioned above (see prayer commitment).Papanasam is the first of the Nava Kailash Temples. Tambirabarani River begins its flow from the Pothigai hills here and confluences with Punnakayal sea face in this place. On the new moon days in the months of Aadi and Thai - July-August and January-February respectively, special pujas are dedicated to Lord Kailasanathar