Representations On Other Pillars

Representations On Other Pillars  Karna (of Mahabharata) is shown in another pillar. A monkey is sitting on the shoulders of a beggar who is playing with it. On the other side there is a beautiful girl with a parrot in her hand.

A girl is dancing with a bouquet in her right palm and a fruit in her left palm. A knight is lying at her feet with a sword in his hand and a gypsy is sitting by her side with snakes around him. On the other side of this pillar, two lovers are found to be making gestures of love to each other.

Crowning another pillar is a remarkable carving combining an elephant and a bull. On the left is seen the tusker with its trunk raised, while on the right is the bull. The eyes are common, the lip of the elephant corresponds with the ear of the bull and the lifted trunk forms the hump of the bull. The two figures are thus interlocked in a clever composition of a tricky picture