Representation Of A Princess

Representation Of A Princess And A Prince Being Abducted By A Kuravan And A Kuratti

There is another pillar containing the representation of a princess and a prince being abducted by a Kuravan and a Kuratti (gypsies) write nouns in caps, while an irate king or minister gives an angry chase and rescues them. The princess sits serene on the shoulders of the gypsy as if expecting rescue at any moment. The charger on one side of the pillar is depicted as if it would leap into life any moment under the whip of its rider. A lance has pierced the kuravan on his left flank and the blood flowing from the wound is represented in a red shade of stone.

The whole body of the man is twisted in an agony of pain. It is a marvel where the, sculptor got a model for his work. The other side of the pillar shows the princess's mother consulting a female palmist. The curves of the feminine body, its dress and ornaments have been depicted in luscious glory and with pointed attention to detail.

The same affectionate care has been bestowed upon the statue of Rati (Goddess of Love), the eternal beauty, full of an entirely human vanity, admiring herself and bearing a look of mixed self-satisfaction and serene contentment.