Veerappa Naick Mandapam

Veerappa Naick Mandapam : There is a Mandapam known as "Veerappa Naick Mandapam" on the northern side of the temple. There are two beautifully carved elephants adorning the entrance of this Mandapam. The six pillars at the centre of the Mandapam bear images of exquisite beauty depicting scenes from the Puranas.

Any visitor will be impressed by the dexterity with which each image in the Mandapam has been carved out. They are so life-like and their features and expressions so natural and real that a person will be under the impression that he is actually in front of living beings. Such beautiful idols can hardly be seen elsewhere. The stone for carving out the idols has been selected with such care that they produce melodious musical sounds when struck at different places. There are many good images of ingenious and rare workmanship in the Mandapam, which is just opposite the presiding deity.