Nellaiappar Temple

Nellaiappar Temple is famous as one of the largest Shiva Temples in Tamilnadu .It is a twin temple dedicated to Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva. Even from a considerable distance, one can have a good view of the gopurams (towers). To the right side of Nellai appar sannadhi, his wife Ghaandhimathi ambaal sannadhi is there. Here the Goddess parvathi is in Ghandhimathi form. In front of Ghaandhimadhi sannadhi, oonjal mantapam is there where lectures are being held on Tevaaram, Tiruvaasagam in the evening times.
IN front of Ghaandimathi sannadhi a very popular street is there called amman sannadhi street. In the eastern end of the street there is a small temple there called Uchi maakaali amman temple