Srirangam Temple

Srirangam:An important pilgrimage centre and also exclusive vaishnavate landmark. Srirangam is an island surrounded by river cauvery and kolidom on its either side. It is situated at a distance 7 km from trichy. The entire island srirangam is some 600 acress broader. The Renganatha swamy temple seen here has a history for about 5000 years. The seven huge walls of these temples have enclosed the streets of this entire island. This temple's fame is because of the rajagopuram which is the highest tower in south India. There are also 21 gopurams around the Temple. But, the rajagopuram has got in glory because or its gigantic feature. It is 72m high and 13 tiered. It was built during the year 1987. All other Gopurams were built from 14th and 17th century. This temple has got many additions as cholas cheras, pandiyas, hoysalas and Vijayanagar kings Ruled. With all those additions the temple has become a largest complex of temple in India. The rajagopuram could be well seen even from miles apart.