Festival celebration in Kapaleeshwarar Temple

The brahmotsavam takes place in mid- March to mid April. It's a nine day long festivity beginning with the Dwajarohanam which is the hoisting of the flag in the temple, the therotsavam or the better known chariot festival Arupathimoovar festival and ends with the Tirukkalyanam which is the marriage of gods Kapaleeswarar & Karpagambal. The deities are bought out in the vahanas in procession with a lot of celebration and it is considered highly auspicious if you get a chance to pull or lift the vahanas. During the festival, the idols of Kapaleeshwarar and Karpagambal are adorned with beautiful clothes and jewels.

Arupathimoovar festival is celebrated to pay tribute to the Saivaite devotees, namely the sixty-three Nayanmars.