The Golden City of Kanchipuram is situated on the banks of Vegavathi river in Tamil Nadus Kanchipuram district. It is revered as one of the seven sacred places of India.. It is situated 76 kms from Chennai, 35 kms from Chingleput & 64 kms from Mahabalipuram via Chingleput.

The city of a Thousand Temples Ancient Kancheepuram, the city of thousand temples, is one of the most sacred pilgrim centres for the Hindus. There now remain 126 temples in Kanchi and a few more in the outskirts. This city was under the control of the Cholas as far back as the 2nd Century BC and a Pallava capital between the 6th and 8th centuries.

Kanchi is also a well known centre of the finest silk sarees made in the country. Kanchi has magnificent temples of unique architectural beauty bearing eloquent testimony to its glorious Dravidian heritage. Adi Sankara established his episcopal seat (Kamakotipeetam). Kancheepuram is the birth place of C.N. Annadurai, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu affectionately called as "Anna" by the people of Tamil Nadu.